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      Annual Medical Aids and Tariff UPDATES

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        Register Your ExACT System

        Need assistance to find the ExACT System's registration screen? Click the box below:

        Screenshots of how to re-register your ExACT System

        Register Your ExACT System
        How to:

        On the Menu bar >> Setup >> Practice Info

        On the Practice Information window >> Re-register >> OK

        On the Practice Information window >> Yes

        On the Registration window, the Unique Number and Registration Name must be given to our Registration Department. This can be done telephonically, using the quick contact form below or uploading a screenshot of the Registration window - see below.

          The contact form below for registering or re-registering your ExACT System requires that the Unique Number and Registration Name in the Practice Information window be accurate. Any full stop, comma or space in the Registration Name not given correctly / included will result in an incorrect registration number being generated. It should be given exactly how it is displayed in the Registration window.

          It is advisable to request ExACT System Registration via EMAIL before calling the Call Center. We will email the Registration number back on the same day.

          You may also upload a screenshot of your Registration window with Unique Number and Registration Name displayed.