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Purchasing ExACT Dental Software

Easy-to-use and intuitive, ExACT Dental practice management software delivers efficiency and enhances business performance.  For complete practice management, ExACT integrates your business and front-office tools with your clinical tools. Linking the accounting, scheduling and charting functions, ExACT clinical tools provide one solution for single and multi-user practices, allowing you to improve your patient care and your practice profitability.

Single Dentist Group Dentist Options
Main License Holder Sub License Holder
2nd Sub License Holder Locum
1 Dental Practitioner 2nd Dental Practitioner in Practice 3rd Dental Practitioner in Practice Free
1 Database Separate or joint database Separate or joint database Free
Once-off Amount
Once-off Amount
Once-off Amount
Once-off Amount
Monthly fee
Monthly Amount
Monthly Amount
Monthly Amount

Step 1: Speak to an ExACT Sales Representative

EXACT Dental Pricing Structure Guidelines

Our pricing structure is dependent on a number of factors – primarily the number of dentists in your practice, whether single or a multi-user practice. The below table is a guideline for pricing.

Our Support & Sales Partners provide discounts on single and group practices purchasing eXact, so it is best to make contact with your local representative for prices. We also offer payment plan options over 3 months.

Step 2: Sign Order Confirmation Form Confirming Your Order
    • Request an Order Confirmation form from a Sales Representative.
    • Review the Order Confirmation form with Payment Pricing Structure.
    • Review ExACT's Hardware Specifications (System Requirements) to ensure your current system is compatible with ExACT.
    • Payment Plan Options are available.
    • Ensure to take note of the Monthly User License fee amount on the Order Confirmation Form. (Single or multi-user fee).
    • Sign the Order Confirmation form and send it to
    • Receive an email confirmation of receipt of the form from our Ordering & Contracts Department.
    • The Sales Representative will contact you to setup Installation and Training Dates.

An EXACT Dental software license is a legal instrument, governed by our EXACT Version 3.0 End-User License Agreement. The contract explains the use of the software. EXACT Dental software is copyright protected, in source code as also object code form. A Main License or Sub License Holder grants the licensee, permission to use one or more copies of the software.

Step 3: Installation & Training
  • Installation and training is done remotely via Remote Support.
  • This will allow us to connect to your computer in order to install ExACT.
  • Our capable Technical and Support team will guide you through each step.
Step 4: Receive Invoice on day of Installation

Our Accounts Department will send you an email on the day of your ExACT installation.

Step 5: Sign EXACT User-License Agreement on day of Installation

o An EXACT Dental software license is a legal instrument, governed by our EXACT Version 3.0 End-User License Agreement.

o The contract explains the use of the software. The Sales Representative will send you a copy of the End-User License Agreement.

o  The contract is normally sent at the same time the Order Confirmation form is sent to the practice / Doctor.

o Ensure to take note of the Monthly User License fee amount. (Single or multi-user fee).

Step 6: Introduction to Helpdesk and Support

Our HelpDesk will contact your practice when the implementation of ExACT in your practice is complete.