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International Tel: +27 21 976 3010

Opening a new or second practice? Use our online chat to request a quotation or dial 072 607 1863 for assistance.

Support: 061 731 2500 (Western Cape)
Support: 081 474 5516 (Western Cape)
Support: 082 725 3860 (Western Cape)
Support: 082 461 4945 (Gauteng)

Can't reach ExACT Support? Need to leave a message urgently? Dial 072 607 1863 for assistance or send a Whatsapp message to this number. For even quicker help, use our Online Chat via this website.

Need to register your ExACT System urgently and can't get through? Take a photo of your registration screen and Whatsapp it to 072 607 1863 or send us your Registration name and unique number via the online chat.

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