7 Reasons to use ExACT Dental

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7 Reasons

Financial Factor

During the beginning years of ExACT Dental, a time-and-motion study was done to demonstrate how ExACT Dental saves practise time and finances.

The study reported the following:

Time Saved by Practices

  • ExACT Dental saves practices (single dental practitioner) 192 working hours / year which equals a productivity improvement of 24,75 working days / year.

Box Insert: ExACT Dental’s unique modular, yet integrated design enables practices to implement the unique strengths of ExACT at the pace that suits the practice team. ExACT is not like other software that allows practices only with one option. Good News: No “one size fits all” approach.

  • ExACT Dental directly influences almost 100% of the flow of finances in practices. Key areas:

    • Patient billing – ExACT Dental takes care of a practice’s:

      • Private accounts
      • Cash payments (patient walk-ups)
      • Claims to medical insurance (electronic claims submissions)

    • The productivity areas in a practice where ExACT Dental saves money and resources:
      • Front Desk: Speeding up patient bookings (saves 3 working days / year)
      • Printing costs: Creating digital documents (invoices receipts, treatment plans, referral letters, etc), Patient charts (paperless patient files), appointment book (digital, paperless dairies)
      • Practice administration and referrals: Digital letter writing and document filing
      • Dental X-rays and Dental Imaging: Digital X-rays and imaging are not only more economical – it also reduces time required (including waiting time for development costs) for imaging by 32%
      • Postage, deliveries and patient communication (such as patient emails, SMS messaging, reminders for recalls / follow-up visits)
    • Cash-Flow Improvements:

      • Point-of-care: At the click of a button ExACT Dental effortlessly takes care of:
        • Treatment Planning
        • Treatment Estimates (quotations)
        • Appointment Scheduling
        • Data capturing
      • Therefore, ExACT Dental generates savings in:

        • Work process flow and work administration

        • Printing costs and producing paper (reducing the carbon footprint)
        • Creating integrated, paperless offices
        • Electronic patient records
        • Office automation and digital processes


Box insert: ExACT Dental is the only software on the market employing the same business engine and business processes to patient billing than that used by the financial services industry (banking industry and commercial banks) … that is a proven fact.




Box Insert: All Dental practices spend time and money on technology. A practice’s challenge is not whether to invest in technology – the challenge is to invest in the right technology. ExACT Dental improves a practice’s performance by more than 20% – we are the right technology for your practice.



Clinical Factor

Create impressive case presentations within 90 seconds. The clinical charting screen is the function that has established ExACT Dental as South Africa’s foremost patient record system.

clinical charting function to record a patient’s oral hygiene status (dental plaque score), periodontal health status (periodontal chart), dental status (odontogram)


Box Insert: ExACT Dental’s integrated ICD-10 Code Manager is South Africa’s leading code manager for diagnostic codes.
ICD-10 Code Manager: Find diagnostic codes in under 1 second! Will ExACT Dental always prompt me to find a diagnostic code? The Code Manager function can be enabled or disabled – it is set according to a practice’s preference. However, in South Africa, employing diagnostic codes is compulsory.

Productivity Factor

Auto-Phone Dialer: Connect your phone’s headset to you PC and use ExACT Dental’s auto-dialer function to integrate with your switchboard.

Patient ID Photos: Insert patient digital photos into you the patient file –

SMS System: From a mere SMS system, ExACT Dental’s new SMS system offers full messaging functionality via an integrated messaging platform. Using ExACT Dental’s SMS system is effortlessly, inexpensive (cheaper than commercial cellular network rates) and immediate – the ideal tool for patient communication, marketing and scheduling.

ExACT Letter: The letter function empowers practices to become paperless:

  • Create personalized letters to patients, practitioners and medical scheme
  • Do personalized correspondences and file the electronic letters (electronic filing cabinet)
  • Create letter templates in multiple of languages
  • Create different types of templates (welcome letter, thank you letters, congratulations letters, follow-up visit, recall and reminder letters)

Box Insert: How to calculate the cost savings of ExACT Dental Letter Function: Determine how many hours a month your practice spends on writing letters and other correspondence and then reduce this time by 75%. Convert that time-saving to money and you will discover the value of the Letter Function.

Further functions:

  • Scan and save patient letters received (save in PDF format)
  • Electronically file digital letters, images, faxes received

ExACT Dental Email Function:

With ExACT Dental’s email system, practice can email:

  • Treatment Estimates (quotations) to patients
  • Treatment Plan Proposals to medical schemes for authorizations
  • Electronically generated letters
  • Patient Invoices and Statements

Consider the savings in time, effort, postage, and productivity.

ExACT Dental Ex-Doc Function: This electronic filing cabinet saves documents with the following formats:

  • MSWord or similar word processor formats (.doc, .docx etc)
  • Patient faxes (fax formats)
  • Treatment Plans and correspondence (PDF format)
  • Scanned documents (PDF format)
  • Video, patient images

EDI Function:

Why wait 3-4 weeks for medical schemes to pay your claims? With today’s EDI functions, ExACT Dental is able to:

  • Submit electronic claims and verify member status
  • Determine availability of funds for patient (benefit amounts)
  • Receive prompt payments within 3-14 days after submission
  • Improve payment reconciliation with electronic feedback reports


4. Digital Factor

ExACT Dental’s integrated video and X-ray function allows for full, seamless integration to create digital electronic patient records.

Creating great digital images for clinical diagnostics and patient education is important. It is also important to be able to store and retrieve such images immediately, the email them and to insert them into patient presentations. Use the multi-surgery function of ExACT Dental to store digital images centrally on the practice server.

Box Insert: Calculate the Digital Saving Impact

Single Dentist Practice Two Dentist Practice
Monthly Instalment of X-ray System financed through the Bank: R 1,500 / month Monthly Instalment of X-ray System financed through the Bank: R 1,800 / month
Practice does 12 X-rays per day = R 10,000 / month (2007 prices) Practice does 24 X-rays per day = R 20,000 / month (2007 prices)
Digital camera is paid off within 7 months.

In the 53 months to follow (months 8-60),

the practice earns > R 530,000 on digital X-rays.

Digital camera is paid off within 7 months.

In the 53 months to follow (months 8-60),

the practice earns > R 1,110,000 on digital X-rays.


5. Marketing Factor

Traditional Software ExACT Dental
Clinical Charting


Treatment Planning


Treatment Estimate (Quotations)


Integrated Appointment Book


Patient Billing Yes


Disease-based recall / Follow-up




Integrated Accounting System


Integrated Digital X-ray


Integrated Intra-oral Video


Ex-Doc electronic filing


Office automation (SMS, email, phone dialer, patient ID,, mail-merge, video) Sometimes



Box Insert: The Key difference between a growing and stagnating practice is: Practice Marketing. Your challenge: That your practice is going to invest in technology is a given. Invest in the right technology that automatically generates and integrates marketing strategies for your practice. Did you know ? that your ExACT Dental system will help you to deliver 40% improvement in your patient acceptance rate (adjusted for economic factor) of:

  • Case presentation
  • Treatment Plans and Treatment Estimates (Quotations)

6. Technology Factor

ExACT Dental’s research shows that practices who use dental technology wisely (the right technology in the right manner) have an overall annual gain of 20% in productivity over other practices.

Box Insert: Still think that technology is not important? … try functioning without it! Since most practice really want to succeed at their business, they select the best of dental materials, the best of dental instruments – therefore: Select what is best for your practice: ExACT Dental Software.

  1. Value Add Factor


Think about your future in this way:

Your clinical skills drive your practice.
Your business skills drive your career.
ExACT Dental drives your practice AND your business.


If you still are in doubt, then answer the following question:

“Can you produce the results demanded today with the technology of yesterday?”

“… with Electronic Patient Records, practices perform better in 11 quality indicators …

… EPRs enable the “systematic approach to disease measurement, management, and accountability for quality”
“Effect of the transformation of the health care system on the quality of care”
Jha, Perlin, Kizer, Dudley
New England Journal of Medicine
348: p 2218-2227


Box Insert: ExACT Dental’s phenomenal growth. The reason for ExACT Dental to have become the premier dental software EPR (electronic patient record) system in Africa is because we have been blessed and graced with market-leading technology.


Covering Southern Africa … and spreading our wings.