How do I make a working backup of my ExACT data?

On the server computer:

1. Verify the correct ExACT database folder: on the ExACT login screen, ensure the name specified on Login is DATA.
2. Make sure that every workstation is completely switched off. In your exact32 folder (c:\exact32) there is a DATA folder.

Follow these steps to make a 'working backup':

1. Copy the DATA file in the exact32 folder to an external disc and rename it to DATA_current on the external disc.
2. Within your exact32 folder, rename DATA to DATA-copy.
3. Copy the DATA_current file from the external disc back into your exact32 folder. Once copied to the exact32 folder, rename the DATA_current file to DATA.
4. Log into ExACT and check if the last process you did is on ExACT. If it is, the copied DATA_Current file on your external disc is a 'working backup'.

A practice needs to make a 'working backup' at the end of each day.

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How do I rebuild indexes?

1. Open your ExACT Tool box on your Desktop or browse to your exact32 folder, open tool.exe and follow the steps below.
2. Click File in the top left corner, select Rebuild Indexes.
3. On the Rebuild Indexes window that opens, select Add All and OK. The indexes will begin to rebuild.
4. Click OK on the Rebuild window after the indexes have finished building.

Last Updated: 19 September 2018 Email article

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